Latest Micro Surgery set of instruments with Micro Clamps

Latest Micro Surgery set of instruments with Micro Clamps
Latest Micro Surgery set of instruments with Micro Clamps Latest Micro Surgery set of instruments with Micro Clamps Latest Micro Surgery set of instruments with Micro Clamps Latest Micro Surgery set of instruments with Micro Clamps Latest Micro Surgery set of instruments with Micro Clamps
Manufacturer: Chadda Surgicals
Product Code: CS-MS-515
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Regarding micro clamps manufactured by us kindly note that similar product made by other European companies are priced much more than ours. This particular product is very hard to manufacture and requires utmost care and​ precision in​ calibration​ of required pressure which is in grams. After years of research and development we have ultimately​ finalized this one.This product is widely accepted by various surgeons and hospitals as it is very reasonably priced and at the same time as good as S & T type quality. Each pair of these clamps are individually packed in small plastic boxes with foam pads.

Acland Pattern Micro Vessel Clamps

The Best has become even Better !!

  • Light and compact design
  • Extremely durable
  • Corrosion resistant metallurgy
  • A unique gripping surface
  • Smooth sliding bar action on all approximator clamps
  • Clamp profile with parallel sided jaw.

The material has a none reflective surface eliminating distractions from theatre lighting and has a non-tacky finish to aid mobilization of the Vessel.

  • Slippage

The flat and non-serrated Ultra-Grip surface of these clamps ensures that the pressure is spread evenly over the entire area of the vessel wall. This helps you avoid over-pressure peaks, which may easily lead to trauma of the vessel interior.

Clinical Micro Clamps by CHADDA SURGICALS
Clamp Security
Precisely calibrated closing force, which is 100% quality controlled and inspected, with a secure working grip surface, providing impressive security in use, against both slippage and leakage. CHADDA'S clinical micro clamps are the gentiest and least traumatic of all small vessel clamps.

Care of Clamps
Micro clamps are prone to damage from the accumulation of blood clotting in tight places. With proper care and cleaning, this can be avoided. Blood should not be allowed to dry on the clamps during surgery. For cleaning after surgery, we recommend immersion for 30 minutes in hemolytic cleaning solution. When immersing the clamps, hold them open for a moment to wet the inner surfaces. Be sure to slide approximator clamps along the bar, back and forth a few times, to remove any accumulated debris from the sliding units. After immersion, rinse vigorously with a fine, high-pressure water jet to remove any blood residue from spring interspaces, sliding units and suture cleats.

Applying the Clamps
RD and HD clamps are designed to be applied by hand. Their broad, corrugated gripping surfaces make this easy. The three smaller sizes, B-1, B-2, and B-3, are designed to be applied with the clamp applicator forceps. The forceps are direct acting. When the forceps are squeezed, the clamp opens. When held in the forceps, the clamp can be manipulated firmly in any plane without the danger of slipping or falling out. Clamp applicator forceps are available without a lock.

For the disinfecting process, we recommend using a cycle with the highest temperatures (approximately 93º C).

In general, you should follow your institution's set guidelines and procedures when sterilizing microsurgical instruments. The most common form of sterilization is steam autoclaving. Microsurgical instruments should be sterilized in their own case. We recommend autoclaving your CHADDA instruments in saturated steam, at a minimum of 134º C, for 5-18 minutes.

Please note
Do not use a clamp on a vessel below the recommended diameter range. Use of any clamp on a vessel too small will result in unacceptably high pressure, and risk of vessel damage. 

Regarding instrument beaker please note that it is really a very helpful instrument that saves time from having your mind busy to protect the very sensitive micro surgery instruments as it offers a very good protection because of silicon mat and if you put natural saline and heparine in it, it also cleanses the blood clots and keeps the instruments in ready to use at any given moment.

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