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Product Code: CS-OI-MS-2
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S&T Pattern micro vascular clamps with various pressures (arterial as well as veins). Made up of Stainless Steel

  1. B-2 A, single (Pair)
  2. B-2 V, single.(Pair)
  3. ABB-22 A, double
  4. ABB-22 V, double
  5. B-3 A, single (Pair)
  6. B-3 V, single (Pair)
  7. ABB-33 A, double. 
  8. ABB-33 V, double
  9. HD-S, single.(Pair)  
  10. HD-D, double. 
  11. RD-S, single (Pair)
  12. RD-D, double. 
Plain Sharp Punch The plain punch is designed for use in the FUE machine hand piece. The sizes vary from 0.85 mm to 1.35 mm. The handle piece allows for precise depth control. A combination of depth control and punch size variation allows the physician to minimize the risk of follicle injury.
Serrated Manual Punches The Serrated punch has a serrated tip. This punch is much sharper than the classic plain punch. The Serrated Punches are available in many different sizes. The Serrated punches reduce the cutting surface in contact with the skin at any given moment. This reduces friction even more than with the thin walled, razor sharp punches. The serrated tip also helps the punch gain a grip on contact with the skin.
Product Features Expanding internal diameter. Razor sharp cutting edge ideally situated to improve tissue cutting and reduce follicle trauma. Minimal resistance as the punch enters the tissue, and reduced friction. Long-life. Thin wall. Available in multiple sizes and shapes. Decreased operator forces reduce the risk of follicle transection. Special features result in a reduced external force and a lower reactive fluid motion of both follicle and skin.

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