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Since 1985, 3rd and 4th Generation.

Chadda Surgicals are Dealers, Manufacturers & Exporters of high quality surgical instruments & hospital equipments. When we started this company years ago, we devoted ourselves to building it as a premier enterprise to serve the Indian medical fraternity with the very best quality of surgical instruments at decent prices. Our efforts succeeded. Now is the time to change orbit and move towards 'world-class' enterprise. Thanks to all our valued surgeons who helped us achieve our goal.

We are no.1 in India renowned manufacturers of high quality Plastic & Cosmetic surgery instruments. We also make full range of Neuro, Pediatric, General etc. surgery instruments.

​Regarding Plastic surgery, we are constant suppliers  of Cleft Lip & Palate instruments sets all over the world to SMILE TRAIN and OPERATION SMILE INDIA. The quality of our instruments are as good as European counterparts but are priced much lower than them. We have in place quality checks at three levels and each instrument has to pass these checks before being shipped. Our instruments carry REPLACEMENT WARRANTY OF FIVE YEARS  but will last much more than that. There have been instances were the same instruments are being used by next generation. We are more than fifty year old company and what the most we have earned throughout this period is 'Goodwill' and we are renowned for our sincere and honest dealings.

Late Shri O.P. Chadda


Initiator and Founder of O.P. Chadda (India).

He was the pioneer-2nd Generation in manufacturing Surgical Instruments. 


He is known for manufacturing quality surgical instruments across India and the Globe. He is 3nd Generation of Chadda Surgicals (40 Years+). The son of Late Shri. O.P Chadda, Founder of O.P Chadda (India)-Chadda Surgicals in Surgical Instruments.

Mohit Chadda


The 4th Generation of Chadda Surgicals. And now has taken the business ahead under the guidance of his father Mr. Kawal Chadda.

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